Mybet to introduce Bettingexpert App

mybet-logoOnline gambling operators need to overcome a lot of adversity when expand to new markets, for the simple reason that local operators are not willing to give up their dominant position. Even in the country of residence, they are constantly pit against difficult challenges and being unable to adjust to change is a surefire way of going broke. Mybet started out with a couple of games and gradually expanded its offer, but there is no end in sight and the company is constantly contemplating new possibilities.
Online casinos as Goldenpark casino offer sports betting services and some of them have also introduced poker rooms, in order to provide their members with a unified service. The risk is to have them leave for other operators who offer comprehensive gambling options, which is the worst-case scenario. Mybet brags about being at the forefront of innovation and even when they are not behind the revolutionary software, these guys have no hesitations in facilitating access to useful applications.
Bettingexpert is by no means a competitor, but rather a company that focuses on a narrow niche and does a brilliant job at delivering top-quality products. Its latest application is a betting odds calculator, something that punters from all over the world are using in one form or the other. Most of them are trusting free apps that can be downloaded from the Internet, but the prospect of having one unified app that works smoothly and always delivers results is exciting to say the least.
This is what motivated to launch is product and it is already available for download, with Mybet being among those to introduce it for free. The advantages of using such applications are multiple, but by far the most important one has to do with the fact that players have an easier task of finding the most lucrative odds. These are known to shift often and as kickoff draws near, many bookmakers are making radical changes that savvy players could take advantage of.
This is the purpose of the application and for the time being it is only available on iOS, so those who own an Apple smartphone can consider themselves lucky. All the important European competitions are covered and the officials at bettingexpert have announced that they plan on coming up with numerous upgrades. New markets will be covered and additional leagues are expected to be introduced, so those who prefer to bet on different sports will get their fix.